Presentation guidelines

Making a presentation

Please note that your session has been scheduled to last 45 minutes. You are expected to present for up to 25 minutes allowing 15 minutes for questions and discussion. The chair of your session has been asked to keep time strictly within these limits to ensure smooth running of the conference. Please ensure that you keep to these times, particularly as there is only a short change-over time of 5 minutes between sessions.

Chairing sessions

The role of the session chair is very important. The conference relies on the chair handling the session that they have been asked to chair with sensitivity and firmness. If you are making a presentation yourself you will have been asked to chair a session on at least one occasion. Please arrive promptly and ensure that the presenter has arrived and is ready to make his/her presentation. Someone from the local organising group will be on hand to assist if there are any problems with the presentation equipment. Please allow a full 25 minutes for the presentation and the remaining time (up to 20 minutes) for questions and discussion. Cards will be available in the room for you to indicate that 5, 2 and 1 minutes remain for the presentation. Please show these clearly from the audience so that the presenter is aware of the need to complete their presentation to time. During the ensuing questions and discussion make sure that everyone who wants to contribute is able to do so making sure that no one person dominates the discussion.