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Traveling to South Africa

South Africa is safeguarded by one of the world’s most progressive constitutions, an independent judiciary, a free press and a robust multi-party political system.

Adventure experiences

Whatever your adventure craving, South Africa can satisfy it. We have world-class climbing, surfing, diving, hiking, horseback safaris, mountain biking, river rafting – and a host of other adventures supported by dedicated operators.

Cultural experiences

From modern art galleries to rock art centres, state-of-the-art museums to remote cultural villages, city jazz clubs to open air festivals … just some of the ways in which you can experience our rich culture and heritage for yourself.

City experiences

Our cities are an exciting mix of first- and third-world influences. From happening Cape Town – one of the most beautiful cities in the world – to busy, bustling Johannesburg, each has its own unique attractions.

Food and wine

It’s a cultural melting pot! South African food celebrates our rich heritage and natural bounty of seafood, meat, game and plants. And our wine has been earning rave reviews internationally for 300 years. Check out the menu – and find out where to eat tonight!

Sun and surf

From the West Coast’s wild stretches of sand to the subtropical shores of Maputaland, there’s a beach for every reason. Watch the sun rise over the Atlantic or Indian Ocean, work up that perfect tan, or get active with some of the world’s best surfing, windsurfing and diving. And then there’s the golf.

Wildlife and wilderness

There’s much more to South Africa than the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. Hundreds of species of birds and small animals like the cute bush-baby and the curious meerkat abound. And supporting all these is our unparalleled botanical richness.